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31st Annual JAC Tournament

This Summer, July 22, 23 and 24, 2022– the Alta House will celebrate and host the 31st Annual John Anthony Cipullo Tournament in Memory of John Anthony Cipullo. This special three‐day tournament will feature competition among local, regional, and national teams vying for the prestigious Championship Cup, as well as cash and prizes. The hours for this year's tournament are as follows:

  • Friday July 22: 5PM to 12 Midnight (NOTE TIME CHANGE)

  • Saturday July 23: 8AM to 12 Midnight (NOTE TIME CHANGE)

  • Sunday July 24: Finish remaining games

Registration ($260 per Team) and Sponsorship can be found by clicking the respective tabs above. Once brackets are made, those will be available as well. Also please visit the History tab for tournament history as well as the Alta House tab for more information on our main benefactor.

2022 JAC Champions:

C/M Roofing: Dante DeLiscio, Anthony Capagreco, Ron Capagreco and Matt Estes

Congratulations to 2nd place finishers Club Molisani #1, Tony Melarango, Ron Reher, Sal Santillo, Frank DiCillio and Pino Rosati and 3rd plac finishers Random 4, Russ Meraglio, Ron Reher, Matt Taylor and Gianna Colizzio